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Solstice 2016 Archive

Enjoy a recap of our Solstice 2016 Celebration.

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June 21, 2017 marks the day of the next Summer Solstice and we are celebrating this with a new edition of our branded show for you.

Last year we piloted a multi-stream, twenty-four-hour event, covering all of Earth’s 24 time zones, and this year's "Solstice 2017" is building on the momentum.

Time zones are an interesting way to look at the globe - a split-up in regions that observe a uniform standard time for legal, commercial, and social purposes. Some countries cover more then one time zone and nomads have historically tracked through timezones to stay on 'the Sun's tail'. But no matter how large or small the boundaries of your place of habitat, few things have had more impact on human development across the earth then the sun's cycle. Therefore, on the day of the longest solar arc in the Northern hemisphere, generations of humans have celebrated the Solstice, or the 'Day the Sun Stands Still', and we like to expand this tradition to 'pause and get together' and turn it into a recurring multi-platform global event.

Solstice 2017 puts together 24 uninterrupted hours of broadcasting in which poets, artists and scientist look at how the sun governs many aspects of our lives and brought forth all sorts of creations and innovations. Artists perform their Solstice art in whatever medium they choose, Scientist talk about inventions and cutting edge design, astronomy, mythology ... all combined into 24 one hour segments - one for each timezone. Between the hours of 17:00 and 18:00, or 'happy hour', each time zone will be featured 'live' in the show, starting at the dateline and moving west one hour at a time, like a 'handshake' around the globe. Now that we live in an age of unlimited, seamless international connection, we think it is the perfect moment to reach across the globe and celebrate each others cultures, ideas and innovations and see how far we can take it. And we hope you will be part of it!

This website will bring viewers and listeners from around the world together and you can watch individual or simultaneous feeds of the various performances throughout the 24 hour Solstice period June 21-22. You can also download the app to better view it from your mobile device. Through a comment stream or live chat there will be a connection across all 24 timezones, with some local radio or television coverage as well. A few locations will have a viewing party going on - stay posted for the list of party venues.

All in all, Solstice 2017 provides a unique, cross-cultural exchange of the minds, questioning ourselves: “What's new under the Sun.”

We hope you will be tuning into our website regularly to mark our progress as the celebration rolls out. If you are interested to participate, contribute content or sponsor any of these activities in exchange for exposure - please contact us via the link above.